The “Ready to launch” business package for coaches

 Is this you ?

  • You want to make your coaching talents accessible to a wider audience by harnessing the power of the internet and increase your revenue stream

BUT … you don’t want the hassle of setting the business up on the internet, or you think it’s too time consuming or complicated

We make it so easy for you because we do it all for you !

With the “Ready to launch” business package for coaches you get your business set up on line and gain an immediate web presence as well as all the support functions such as shopping cart and email newsletter. Accompanied by coaching and training sessions you will be “Ready to launch”.

Here is what the “Ready to launch” business package for coaches provides:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Newsletter template and autoresponders set up
  • Shopping cart all set up
  • Customer intake forms and Welcome package
  • Custom Coaching Forms / Agreements
  • Online Scheduling System Setup
  • Group Coaching program
  • Email Setup for Customer Support
  • Social media presence

As well as all of the following guides:

  • Guide to using WordPress
  • Guide to using a shopping cart
  • Guide to using a scheduling system
  • Guide to using the Group Coaching program
  • Guide to social media for business

In addition you will have:

  • 2 x  one-hour coaching calls 
  •  2 x one-hour training calls to complement the guides to everything that has been set up for you

Domain Name

We will guide you in your choice of domain name and how to buy your domain name.


We recommend Bluehost for WordPress sites – they have a well-established reputation and we have always found their customer service staff unbelievably helpful.

Web Presence

Everyone is using WordPress as the platform for their websites and blogs and it’s easy to see why. We will build you a customised and branded website that includes all the built-in plug-ins and technologies that you’ll need. You will receive a guide to using your WordPress site so that you can make updates yourself and have full control over its appearance and content.


A blog is a great way to communicate with your customers and gather feedback from them. We set this up on your WordPress site and can even helo you get your first posts written.

Newsletter template and autoresponders set up

To market your business you need to be able to communicate with your target audience. What better way than through the use of an e-zine or newsletter. We will put a sign-up box on your website so that you can capture the names and email addresses of people who consent to receive your newsletter (their opt-in is essential so that you are not spamming). In this way you can show your expertise in an article, share your news, tips and of course showcase special offers or new services. You need a lead capture system either through your shopping cart or an outside source such as Aweber or Constant Contact. We will set all of this up for you.

Shopping Cart

If you are going to run an on-line business you need to automate the sales process by using autoresponders which automatically send out e mails to people who have bought your product and of course take on-line orders and payment. We use Marketers Choice  (a private label 1Shopping Cart) and the merchant account of your choice (Paypal and/or a credit card account). We set up the initial autoresponders for each of your services and products. If this includes any audios or e books we will set up the digital download for these products. You will receive a guide to using your shopping cart and maximising the benefits it will bring to your business.

Custom Coaching Forms

We setup custom coaching forms online and integrate them in your website and shopping cart.

Group Coaching Program

If you deliver group coaching programs online, you will need an online learning environment where you can deliver coaching sessions, store materials (documents, audios, videos) and enable coachees to interact with each other.  We will provide you with a guide book to using the group coaching program.

E-mail Setup

We will set an e mail system so that you have all the information from your support systems and customers in one place that can be accessed via the internet. This means you can access it from anywhere in the world and have VA’s working for you. It will integrate with your scheduling system.

Client Intake Forms and welcome package

We’ll help you create the forms you will need to gather information about new coaching clients and a welcome package branded to your business so that new clients are greeted professionally and feel happy with their choice to do business with you. We’ll set up some automated forms that will collect data for the most common services you’ll be offering.  These will be integrated into your shopping cart system so that when someone purchases a service from you, they are immediately taken to those forms.

Online Scheduling System

These days people are not only comfortable making reservations on line but for many this is actually their preference. It also makes better use of your time and that of your VA. So we’ll setup an online scheduling system that steers your clients to a system where they can choose the date and time that works for them.  We will integrate this with the autoresponder system in your shopping cart so that it all happens automatically. You will also receive a guide to using a scheduling system.

Social Media presence

A social media presence is critical to the success of your coaching business. We will set you up on Facebook and Twitter. If you are there already we will ensure that you really are set up for business. You will also receive a guide to using social media for business.

Coaching Calls

As part of this package, you have 2 one-hour calls . During the first call, we will discuss your business and determine what you need to achieve an on line presence and what the branding should be.

During the second call, we’ll discuss what has been achieved so far and agree the steps you should take to move forward.

Training Calls

We do 2 one-hour training calls in conjunction with training documents and procedures manuals.