Demystifying Technology

Getting to grips with technology – Technology coaching

We teach you to set up and manage WordPress web and blog sites, shopping carts, e mail newsletters and much more. We understand how technology can seem a bit scarey and how you can be overwhelmed by all that there is to do and the multitude of people out there offering to do it for you.

Most of the coaching is done by phone or using webinars so you can see on screen what we are showing you. We can also use a facility that, with your approval, enables our specialists to connect to your desktop and show you exactly what you need to be doing.

This coaching is for small business owners and solopreneurs who want to be able to build their own website, manage their website, manage their online shopping cart themselves. We will not only guide you by telephone conversations and webinars but will provide you with a written guide to everything that we have taught you. Here are some of the things we canhelp you with:

Building a WordPress website or blog

Email marketing

Using Audio Acrobat

Making videos with the Flip Mino

Using Paypal

Using 1 Shopping Cart

Creating sales pages

Creating newsletter templates

Setting up an account on Facebook

Setting up an account on Twitter

Setting up and using YouTube

 Of course – if you want everything done for you of course we can arrange that ! You might also want to look at our “Ready to Launch” packages for Information product businesses, Coaching businesses and Service businesses.

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