Evaluating Business Ideas

Unfortunately, having a great idea isn’t enough. Before you launch a new business, you need to check out its commercial potential by pulling together and analysing a considerable amount of information.  

 Save yourself time, money and heartache by checking if your business idea is feasible whether you are starting a business or expanding into new markets.

Understanding Your Market 

We can gather and analyse information about a business sector or a specific market.  This could cover the Political, Economic, Social/demographic, Technological, Environmental and Legal aspects of the broader business environment; information on your competitors; information about your target customers: segments, niche opportunities, preferences, behaviour, trends

Studies such as these are particularly important when you are evaluating a business idea; considering the introduction of new products/services; investigating the feasibility of an expansion into an overseas market.

Customer Research

We can help you understand your customers and target customers through research.

Competitor Research

We can focus specifically on your competitors and research their current products/services/markets; the issues they are facing; how they are marketing their products/services; who their customers are; what challenges they are facing.

 A Business Feasibility Study comprises: 

  •  Analyzing the market: characteristics, trends, principal players, likely risks and opportunities, consumer behaviour and preferences
  •  Analysing the operational and technical feasibility
  •  Evaluating the economic viability of the project
  • Determining the financial needs of the project and access to financing

 We can do it for you or we can guide you through the process.

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