If you’re reading this you are probably a nomadic entrepreneur earning a living without being location specific – this might be for family reasons or just simply because you enjoy exploring new countries and cultures too much to stick in one place. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur running your own business, perhaps you do contracting work as a translator or graphic designer, perhaps you teach in whatever country you find yourself in – I’m glad you stopped by and do respond to the blog post – Introduce yourself !

This website helps nomadic entrepreneurs and lcoation independents in a variety of ways:

  • by providing a forum for you to meet with fellow nomads and share news and information
  • by providing you with guides that will help you start and grow a business that does not require you to be in one specific place all the time
  • by providing services such as business coaching, market studies, business idea evaluations etc
  • by sharing tips and advice so that being a nomad is a breeze
  • by offering equipment for sale that will support you in your nomadic lifestyle
  • by making information available to you about different countries, accommodation, job opportunities etc